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Welcome and thank you for visiting with me. I know that you have other places to go and dropping in to see and hear me is my honor and privilege. I’d like to share my story with you. It has been a long and winding road getting here. It was hard, considering that English is my second language, and when I got into America, pronunciation was a big problem. I could not understand them all the time and even worse, they couldn’t understand me, most of the time. I had to adapt and very quickly too. However, I must say that the passion not to quit and to look for legitimate ways to support my family here and at home, has been my biggest motivation. Hear me out, this is my story.


The Land of Opportunity.

On February 27th, 2007 I arrived in the US with dreams of a better life and a vision of happiness and abundance. I was finally in ‘the land of opportunity’. I was 50 years old and wanted to put my daughter through college, help my children back home and save some money for retirement. I went job hunting online and in the dailies.

I went from one interview to another, starting in Boston, Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. There were  thousands of jobs on offer, that were published online and in the newspapers. I thought, some were suited to my qualifications and experience, but alas, no luck. All I could get were sales jobs. I did door to door sales, pizza deliveries, insurance sales, and security jobs for 9 years while always searching online for opportunities.

One after another these online businesses kept on taking our money, without any returns or credible directions on how to achieve success with them. Meanwhile, my rent, car payments, utilities payments, and food expenses kept me sleepless at night, thinking of how I’d pay them, especially when approaching the end of the month. I kept on praying and hoping that better days are ahead of us. My wife in the meantime, kept grilling me about going back to Fiji, where we came from. I kept reminding her that this is our destiny and we must not give up. We kept moving forward.

Two Unforgettable Instances

One particular night in April, 2010 I was particularly worried that my rent was due and it was coming to April 10th the next morning, the last day for monthly rent payments. I only had around $300 to pay for our $1400 apartment rent in Silver Spring Maryland.

The picture that immediately came to my mind was the eviction notices I’ve seen on some of the apartment doors next to ours and how I’ve witnessed furniture and household items being strewn out in front of our apartment building, when the notices were enforced. I was so worried and I prayed to God to help me. I didn’t want my daughter to see that happen to us.

The next morning I found my bank account had a new deposit from my house rent in Fiji. I paid our April rent on time; on the final day that it was due. My house rent in Fiji had been terminated some months earlier. I told myself that I will have to wait to reimburse the renter when they came back to me. They never did. I thanked God for that provision. He answers prayers.

On another occasion in 2011, I woke up to go to work and found my car was missing from where it was parked. I thought it was stolen. I reported it to police. I came to find out that it had been towed away at night because I was late in my monthly bank payments. It was garaged some 20 miles away and I had to pay a $600 fee plus the bank overdue payments before the car can be released to me. I was stuck with no car to go to work and no money to get it out! I asked my wife to get a loan from her boss. She went and asked and with the grace of God, her boss helped.

I suffered many times financially, physically and verbally and my wife and daughter stuck it out with me, praying for  better times and better opportunities.

Not Giving Up.

In 2016, I moved to California, and things started to change, but age was catching up on me. I had to be smart and re-look at my situation. Menial work was not going to support me and my family comfortably, in the years ahead. After a lapse of 2 years, I started to go online again, looking for online opportunities. It was a difficult decision, because of what I had endured in the first 8 years of trying all sorts of internet opportunities. They were always too expensive or had free start-ups with upsells that I could never afford. The side issues of websites, hosting, SEO and traffic channeling were always a BIG headache. But, I went in, I looked.

I  had observed that almost everyone I met had cell phones and that they were on those phones all the time. It triggered something in me; to look online for something that was already in use successfully. It also dawned on me that I like most people I know, shopped online for something or other, because it’s cheaper and more convenient.

That and the fact that online stores like Amazon and eBay were getting more popular each day, pushed and inspired me to go ahead and research online opportunities again. Armed with my limited online experiences, I set out to search and look online and by process of elimination ended up with three ‘finalists’.  I believe I chose the best and got my refund from the other businesses after canceling them within the 30 days grace period.

Wealthy Affiliate.

I found Wealthy Affiliate to be my best option to make money online, from home. They are caring and have mentored me and treated me like family since the first day I joined them. They are so different from the ones I encountered online from 2007 – 2015.  Their FREE start up (not time sensitive) and great learning environment was a God send for someone who is suspicious, and has had very bad experiences online. They say that they wanted to help me. That’s a first for me!

I now have my own free and paid websites, good and friendly coaches and friends in a community environment and a very affordable monthly subscription to be able to, ‘work and earn smart’, from home. I still work mornings, but with God’s help I will fire my boss soon!


My Success will be Someone Else’s Benefit.

I have always maintained after my disastrous start in the USA, that no one else I know must go through what my family and I went through, if I can help it. The greatest legacy I want to leave behind is to succeed in whatever I do, and help others do the same.

If my family can benefit from what I do, then it would be a bonus. All I can do is my best to make that change that I want to be a part of, in everyone’s life. If it happens now, tomorrow or 100 years from now, the important thing is to know that I am contributing now. What change do I want?

First and foremost, I never want what happened to me when I arrived in the USA to happen to anyone else. If you come from a third world country, it’s going to be particularly hard, when you’re judged by your accent, religion, race and color amongst other things . Only one thing flattens the playing field. Success and money.  Hard work and not quitting will be a vital element in your repertoire. Do not give up,

Why I want to help people.

Life is much easier when you know what you’re doing and what’s going on around you. I’m learning everyday. I put God first in everything I do, everyday. I’m determined to be coachable with an open mind. That is my mantra. This is my road to success.

Success comes with great joy and satisfaction; helping people to get to a better place is a gift from God. I know what most people are going through now. There is not enough money to get through the day or week or month. I’ve been there. I want to help people and pay forward. I pray that they in turn will help more people, for a better and happier world.

My way to success.

I want success to come from within me first, before I can succeed out in the world. My faith is telling me that all I need is already in me. I have the wherewithal to do it. I got this! Wealthy Affiliate has opened doors for me that I thought I had closed for good because of all the scams and greedy operators I met online earlier in my life here in the US. It almost bankrupted me and my family suffered so much because of it.I am going to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate because I’m going to listen, learn and work hard at everything they want me to do. This is my way forward to success.


My online business and my website.

All online businesses have websites that they operate from to draw customers in, to get what they want or need. As an affiliate marketer I look and work inside these same online business websites, anticipating what people will need and benefit from. I look and find the products so these customers don’t have to

The niche markets I go into must be useful to the online community that I serve. I am honored and privileged to serve an online community that trusts and uses me to get them what they need, when the need it. That is how I want to operate, with transparency and integrity. My recommended No.1 go to website to help me and any one like me is Wealthy Affiliate. Try it for FREE like me.

My website.

The starting point to all this, is my website. It is where I focus my attention daily, to ensure that relevant referrals are made and updated with integrity and transparency for my customers’ benefit, first and foremost. I integrate with my customers on any matter they want to talk to me about. That is a top priority for me. My website is my two-way communication channel with my customers.

I have to trust my customers first, before they can look in and then reciprocate. Trust and loyalty is everything to me. I believe that my mentors at Wealthy Affiliate are exactly that to me.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.