September 24, 2018 0 By admin

Write It Like You Say It.

Don’t be a hypocrite and write it like you say it, so everyone at least hears and understands you to respond. Today we’re a long way from the days of good spelling and grammar, when writing blogs. Blogging is where we’re at when new or trending topics are shared and exchanged online with our own opinions and ideas. Bloggers are very good raising issues of concern, that highlights the pros and cons which arouses interests in online followers and subscribers.

Imagine sitting, in a room, with someone you don’t really know and there’s just you and that person. You know you will be in there for a while. You will have to talk to each other. Small talk? Maybe for starters and then something in common will ignite the room and you’ll be at it, until you’re called in or out. They are bloggers blogging, but in real life, face to face! Although there’s just two people, when compared to the online one which has so many. You get the point.

Where, When, What, Who, Why And How

Blogging is an online communication medium that is either a website or a page in a website. Bloggers get responses from their followers and subscribers to their blog, every time they post on their website/page. The blog can be a new topic or an old one being responded to and continued. Successful bloggers can have one or many responders to their site/page. Many make money from their blogs by adding relevant affiliate inks and advertisements on their websites. The affiliate links are connections that subscribers buy from and the blogger gets a commission.  The advertisement is done by the relevant domain where the blog is posted and the blogger gets paid for it. In all this the blogger is soliciting interest in a program they’re promoting through their blog and monetizing any conversions.

Full Disclosure

Making money through blogs or website pages is hard work and takes so much time. To build a brand that evokes trust and loyalty is the ultimate goal of most bloggers, if they want to be a success, as a blogger. Personally, full disclosure is a choice that I  want to make; to declare that I will make money, (commissions), if you buy from the affiliate links in my blog. Some will not agree with my choice but I have to look my wife, my children and grandchildren in the eyes everyday and know that what I do for them is legitimate and legal.